Maintenance The grease laden paper towel can then be disposed of in your trash. The descriptions below may also help you determine your system type. Brush for cleaning grime and grit from tools with hard to reach places, 5 Gallon bucket containing water with a good splash of bleach, Plastic cup for rinsing large tools with the sanitizer. Proper decontamination of equipment is an important task that will minimize your risk of becoming ill. Environmental Health Services Don't wait until you have a problem. Proper maintenance is defined in the code as: Pressure distribution systems are similar to conventional gravity systems, except that only the effluent should flow out of your septic tank and into your pump tank. Wood Stove Rule - Is My Wood Stove Okay to Use? The pressure can compact the soil and damage pipes. Fixing minor problems and paying maintenance fees of a few hundred dollars every few years is a bargain compared to the cost of repairing or replacing a malfunctioning system, which can cost thousands of dollars. Routine pumping can prevent expensive failures such as a clogged drainfield or sewage backing up into the home. If you put a lot of water down the drain (from inefficient or leaky toilets, washers, showerheads, and sink faucets), the tank can't settle completely and you may need to pump more often. Privacy Policy Care must be taken to properly clean electronic tools such as drills or screw drivers. For homeowners who conduct their own inspections, it is a good idea to hire a professional to conduct a septic system inspection at the time of system pumping. Department of Ecology News Release - Sept. 21, 2021. The On-Site Sewage Program provides educational, advisory and permitting services for owners of septic systems and certifications for septic system installers, operations and monitoring specialists and septic pumpers. View Map 3020 Rucker Avenue Suite 104 Everett, WA 98201 Directions Phone: : 425-339-5250 Fax: : 425-339-5254 Hours Regular hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. The probe can be used to identify the size and orientation of the tank (rectangle vs. round, 4 X 8 foot, etc). Most of the on-site sewage system (OSS) records including site designs, historic inspection reports, record drawings (also known as as-builts) in King County records are available online. List of certified septic pumpers, installers, and monitoring and maintenance professionals, List of designers and engineers certified to work in Snohomish County, Planning and Development Services Map Portal, Septic Contractors & Certification Services. The scale should be described on your as-built. This requirement went into effect September 1, 2010. It should be noted that at the time of a property transfer, a licensed O&M Specialist must conduct the inspection. In these cases, the owner will find it easier to utilize the services of a licensed O&M Specialist. . Our reply (from PAEGAT25) may go to your email's Spam folder. Know where the system is and keep a diagram of its location. For more information, click the buttons below. Your septic system contains a collection of living organisms that digest and treat household waste. Don't select the large-load cycle if you're washing a small amount of laundry. Free viewers are required for some of the attached documents.They can be downloaded by clicking on the icons below. Please note- many other septic systems exist, we are only discussing those allowed to be inspected by homeowners through this course. Use a brush to clean the hard to reach portions of the tools. Were you able to find what you were looking for today? Open the lid to your toilet tank and pour enough food coloring into the tank water to color the water. On see the Washington State Department of . One way that you can identify a very slow leak is by shutting all faucets off and keeping them off for a period of time. Septic Resources The Purpose Of On-Site Septic System (OSS) Program Is To Ensure Proper Treatment And Disposal Of Wastewater To Protect Our Drinking Water And The Environment. These small bits of ground-up material are often difficult to settle out and these unsettled particles can pass through your septic tank, eventually damaging pumps or clogging the soil beneath your drainfield. Caring for Your Septic System | Washington State Department of Health Caring for Your Septic System Inspect Your System If your system is only a septic tank and drainfield, commonly called a gravity system, you need to inspect it at least once every three years. You may request a copy of your as-built by completing the downloadableAs-built Request Form (coming soon), coming into our offices, or calling us at 509.460.4205. Simply take the rebar and pound it into the ground with a mallet. see the Washington State Department of . The scale is typically depicted in inches to feet. Learn the basics of septic system design, maintenance, and dos and donts to keep your septic system working well as long as possible. Probe suspected tank locations first, rather than digging up the soil only to find nothing. 14350 SE Eastgate Way What you flush, how much you flush, and how much water you run down the drain will affect the function and performance of your septic system. Your septic system is not capable of handling many wastes that you may generate in your home. Are You Prepared, Severe Weather, Wildfires, Vulnerable Populations & Limited English Proficiency. Protects Your Property Value An unusable septic system or one in disrepair will lower your property value and poses a potentially costly legal liability. Look for a medication take-back program in your area. Again, using the garden hose, rinse the soap from the equipment; this will ensure the soaps do not bind with the sanitizer. Make sure the nursery understands you need plants that are shallow rooted and require little watering. They protect your eyes and mouth from the liquids in your septic system. If still warm and in liquid form, the grease can be poured off easily into a water-tight container such as a coffee can and disposed of in the trash. If youd like us to call you, please provide a phone number. Educate property owners to make sure their septic system gets proper maintenance. Directory Septic Application Turnaround Times Septic Permitting Others are more complex, requiring pumps, filters, or specially designed materials. Four major factors influence how often you need to pump your septic: Practice water conservation. This system is called Pump to Gravity Distribution. Every owner of an on-site sewage system needs to know where their on-site sewage system is located in order to properly maintain it. In gravity plumbing, liquids will carry solid materials out of your dwelling towards downstream components. If your washing machine has load settings, make sure you select the proper load size. The system type will be noted in multiple places within the permit. The bigger the tank, the more capacity it has to handle solids and water, which could allow for more time between pumpings. It is not uncommon for a new septic system to cost $20,000 or more, making it a substantial investment that many homeowners cannot afford on their own, especially when the problems are unexpected. . Please arrive no later than 3:30 p.m. A person should never, for any reason, enter the confines of a septic system, especially tanks. Instead, use boiling water or a drain snake. Yakima. Septic systems produce gases that can be explosive or are capable of displacing oxygen. Health Programs, Healthy Communities, WIC, Nurse/Family Partnership. [Ver este comunicado de prensa en Espaol]. That way, they can perform any required maintenance while on site. This program has continued with funding from the Washington State Department of Health to perform public education and outreach activities, offer rebates to encourage septic system inspections, and improve tracking and reporting capabilities. Total wastewater generated. Birth & Death Certificates, Food Worker Cards, Public Records Request, Report a Complaint & Fees. Only the liquid sewage without solids called effluent should flow out of your septic tank; this clear effluent will be conveyed by gravity to the drainfield. will be sent back to the homeowner for revision. They include both new construction and repairs to failing systems. Septic tank size. There may be circumstances where it will be difficult, dangerous, or even impossible for a homeowner to properly evaluate and maintain their OSS by themselves. French drains, curtain drains, or shallow diversion ditches can help move water out and around your septic system. There is a 25 gallon / household / month limit, for free! OSS records. If your system was installed before 1975, no records may be available. Proper care and maintenance of your septic system also occurs around the area where your system is installed. - Manage notification subscriptions, save form progress and more. Some are simple, using only a tank and a drainfield. Tools can be used to further minimize your exposure to the sewage contained in your septic system. Let it cool, harden, and then throw it away in the trash. Reduce the risk of contaminating groundwater and surface water. With just a few simple steps, you can protect your septicand avoid costly repairs. Landscape your system properly. Flow restrictors on showers and other high volume water fixtures can dramatically reduce your consumption of water. There are a number of older homes where something was installed years ago that makes the wastewater go away but where it goes and how it functions is unknown. To learn more, check out our 3D septic system models. Brochures, OSS records Rinse: Start by rinsing the equipment and tools with water from your garden hose. A Marine Recovery Area (MRA) was established to protect especially sensitive marine waters from pollution from poorly functioning or failing on-site sewage systems (OSS). Flow restrictors are an easy and effective means to reduce water consumption. Rakes can be used to lift floats and screens. NOTICE OF DATA SECURITY INCIDENT (SPANISH). Some tanks have smaller lids on each end of the tank to allow for inspection of inlet and outlet baffles. Approved OSS site design applications submitted online since May 2019 are also available. They allow for development in outlying communities, help protect groundwater and waterways, and reduce exposure to untreated sewage. Search for septic and drinking water records in our online search tool. Washington Administrative Code chapter 246-272A and Clark County Code 24.17 requires homeowners whose property is not connected to a municipal sewer system to ensure that the property includes an approved, correctly functioning on-site septic system. A garbage disposal adds more solid material to your septic system. Septic systems lacking records are considered "suspected" o r "assumed" and are colored RED on the . Repair leaky faucets and plumbing fixtures. Your septic system is not a trash can. If shellfish filter polluted water, they can become unsafe for humans to eat. Please note this is the number of our answering service, and you will receive a call back from Public Health. Missing information, photographs, etc. SEPTIC SYSTEM To assist in this process, please have your address and/or your parcel ID number available. In the past there were no standards for septic systems and permits were not required. While exposure to raw sewage is readily evident, exposure to residues from contaminated equipment or clothing may not be apparent, yet can still result in illness. Whether you're at the kitchen sink, bathtub, or utility sink: Septic tank additives sold in stores aren't necessary to keep your septic tank working properly and they don't reduce or eliminate the need for routine pumping. Grease can also clog the pores in your soil, damaging your drainfield and may lead to system failure. A system where there is no record drawing, no access, or if location is difficult to determine, may require a homeowner to hire a licensed O&M Specialist to assist them. Saves You Money Regular maintenance fees of a few hundred dollars every few years is a bargain compared to the cost of repairing or replacing a malfunctioning septic system, which can cost thousands. Septic systems that have a curtain drain installed around them, often are dependent on a functioning curtain drain. Harsh chemicals including acids, bases, pesticides, herbicides, oils, paints, and varnishes should never be drained into any fixture that leads to your septic system. Save you money and extend the life of your system. Every drip, drop, sprinkle, or spray of water that goes down a shower, sink, toilet, or drain will end up being processed by your septic system. Forms and photographs may be emailed to or sent to 1800 Continental Place, Mount Vernon, WA 98273. An inspection report from a homeowner will only be accepted if the report is for that property owners OSS system. The Health District maintains records of existing on-site sewage systems for your convenience. The effluent is distributed via pressure throughout the drainfield by utilizing small diameter pipes with small holes to distribute the liquid throughout the drainfield. How would you like to receive your "as-built": Before 1975, permits were not required by law. Previously, Craft3 offered Clean Water Loans on a more-limited basis in partnership . A long piece of rebar can be pounded into the ground to look for a tank. Greases can congeal anywhere in your plumbing or septic system. To search for septic or drinking water records, you'll need to enter your property ID number or GeoID or parcel number. Tacoma, WA 98418-6813 (253) 649-1500 (800) 330-1844 TDD (253) 649-1400. Septic System Records Search; Septic System Maintenance Records Search; Contact. Grease is a common household waste product that many people flush or rinse down the drain. You can check for leaks in your toilet too. Garbage disposals are frequently installed in new homes. These cases may require the help of a licensed O&M Specialist. LISTINGS, System Smaller problems can be fixed during the inspection. If you have a water meter on your property, you can easily figure out how much water you and your family are using. . Mason County, WA. . Septic tanks are settling chambers that allow time for solids and scum to separate out from wastewater, so clear liquid can safely filter into the drainfield. Local landscapers or nurseries can help you select plants that are appropriate for the areas around your septic system. If you have been watering lawns and other landscaping on your property, your readings may not accurately reflect all of the water processed by your septic system. Reduce the risk of people getting sick from untreated sewage. We Issue Septic Permits, Inspect Final Septic Installations, And Investigate Complaints Associated With On-Site Sewage Systems Septic System Failure These inspections can identify small issues and fix them before they become big, costly repairs. Even latex paint waste should be minimized. Grass may grow greener in these disturbed areas. Island County code requires these inspections be completed by an Island County Licensed Maintenance Service Provider. Installers, Designers If you do not know where your system is located, you may be able to obtain this information from our offices. Entry page for Thurston County Environmental Health Septic System Program: Permits, Operational Certificates, Septic System Operation and Maintenance, Septic System Evaluation of Properties for Sale, Rules and Regulations Enforcement, List of Certified Septic Contractors, Low-interest Loan Program . Let the equipment soak as needed. This process may require the use of a stiff bristled brush to remove all contaminants. Contact us at ehsepticsystems@tpchd.orgor (253) 649-1925. . Household chemicals like gasoline, oil, pesticides, antifreeze, and paint. Environmental Health Contact numbers: Shelton: 360-427-9670, Ext. 400 Belfair: 360-275-4467, Ext. Use approximately 1 cups of bleach per gallon of water ( Other products, including peroxide sanitizers are effective too. Then, they will submit a report to Public Health about the status of your system. Report. See Department of Health Gravity Septic System inspection guide for a complete checklist and necessary tools. Thurston County also performs this service for a fee. Expanding the program statewide was made possible with funding support from the state legislature. Sewage related records are typically marked with an "SWG". As per inspection requirements set forth in SCC 12.05.160 and WAC 246-272A-0270 a homeowner will become eligible to inspect their own septic system only if the following conditions are met: If you meet these conditions, your first step is to take the Septics 101 Class online . Green grass or depressions in your yard may be indications of where your tank is located. Most of the on-site sewage system (OSS) records including site designs, historic inspection reports, record drawings (also known as as-builts) in King County records are available online. Faucets and toilets should be free of any leakage. Lids will likely be located near both ends of the tank. Avoid chemical drain openers for a clogged drain. Don't avoid the signs of septic system failure. While they may not have a negative effect on your system, they do fill your septic system with wastes that require removal through pumping. The On-site System Maintainer (OSM) will inspect your system components: Septic and pump tanks. The next step required to maintain your system is to dig up and remove your septic tank lids. System Summary Environmental Health 415 N. 6th Street Shelton, WA 98584. A property owner with a pump system must have additional training to demonstrate competency with pump systems. Remove gross contamination from your equipment. One of the main site characteristics that determines the type of system you have is the depth of native, unsaturated soil beneath the drainfield and above a water table or other restrictive layer. They store, treat and dispose of the things you flush or send down drains. To assist in this process, please have your address and/or your parcel ID number available. For example, a scale of 1 = 20 means that every inch on the paper is equal to 20 feet in your yard. A Conventional Gravity system will likely have all of the following major components, each of which should be thoroughly inspected: plumbing; septic tank(s); and a drainfield. Be aware that your meter readings may represent all of the water used, including irrigation. Keep vehicles, heavy equipment, and livestock off your septic tank, drainfield, and drainfield replacement area. Navigate to the Clark County PropertyInformation Center. Water usage is likely the biggest contributor to a failed septic system. See Ecology's. Prior to using any electrical device (screwdrivers, drills, flashlights, etc. outlet baffle, and 3) distribution box (if present) within 30 days of inspection. The final treatment occurs in the soil of your drainfield. A septic system evaluation can be performed by a septic system professional. Generally, the more people in the home, the more often you need to pump. Some are simple, using only a tank and a drain field, and others are more complex, requiring pumps, filters, blowers, UV lights, or specially designed materials. Since 2008, Washington state law and Island County code have required that all septic systems be inspected at the time of property transfer. Household Hazardous Waste Facility: 14104 Ovenell Road, Mount Vernon, WA 98273 Options for inspecting your system include: Pump out your septic tank when needed. Search for records on any property. If your water meter has a counter, all you need to do is write the number down, along with the time and date and a few days later, look at the meter again. Patient information should not be disclosed to the answering service. Washington State Department of Health. Install flow restrictors on all or select faucets. Never pour cooking oil or grease down the drain. Meet septic system requirements before you do. Older septic tanks might not be sized appropriately for your home, especially if your home has been remodeled and is now larger. A 2006 state law (RCW 70.118A) required Puget Sound counties (including King County) to designate MRAs where shellfish growing areas are closed due to bacterial pollution (or if closure is likely), or where bacteria or nitrogen are seriously affecting water quality. It has been partially treated but still contains disease-causing bacteria and other pollutants. As of Sept. 1, the Regional On-Site Sewage System Loan Program has expanded state-wide, adding 17 counties to this successful program. The best way to determine your system type is to review your septic permit. Your septic permit will include an as-built or record drawing; this is a drawing that shows where your septic system is located and what parts or components make up your septic system. No other OSS may be inspected by the homeowner. Real estate professionals need to inform both the buyer and seller of this requirement. To find out what type of system you have, take a look at your propertys as built records. Related Links If you cannot remove the lid, contact a licensed O&M Specialist. The chemicals can alter the natural biological conditions found in your septic system. WA 98368. Regular evaluation of your On- Site Septic System (OSS) is required by State (WAC 246-272A-0270) and local (SCC 12.05.160) health regulations. Keep accurate records of your septic system. For this reason, equipment, clothing, and tools that have been splashed with or immersed in effluent or sewage, must be decontaminated. Never mix sanitizers! . Approved OSS site design applications submitted online since May 2019 are also available. Subtract the smaller number from the larger; the difference is the amount of water you used since the previous time you read the meter. In the area near your drainfield, arrange products and tools where you can: Septic systems that contain a pump also include an electrical element. Learn more about water conservation and water recycling. 3020 Rucker Avenue Suite 104 Everett, WA 98201 Phone: : 425-339-5250 Fax: : 425-339-5254 Hours Regular hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Find a certified O&M provider. Keeps You and Your Neighbors Healthy Household wastewater is loaded with disease-causing bacteria and viruses, as well as high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus. The loan program is a partnership between the Department of Ecology, the Department of Health, local county and health departments, and Craft3, a nonprofit community lender. You may find junction boxes, wires, or other electrical connections in the pump chamber. Household size. Directions. Septic system records can be requested for viewing during office hours at the Health Department from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Chelan-Douglas Health District200 Valley Mall ParkwayEast Wenatchee, WA 98802, Hours9AM - 5PM | Monday - Thursday9AM - 12PM | Friday, After HoursTo report an urgent public health concern call:(509) 886-6499. Contact information; Hours & location Customer service counter opens at 9:30 a.m. the first and third Thursdays of every month. Online portal submissions Larger tools may require the use of a brush and a small rinse cup to completely clean areas that cannot be immersed in the bucket. Hygienic practices mentioned here will help you protect yourself. As of Sept. 1, homeowners with septic systems in every Washington county have access to affordable financing for septic repair and replacement. . By reducing and balancing your use, you can extend the life of your drainfield, decrease the possibility of system failure, and avoid costly repairs. Evaluating, maintaining, or troubleshooting your septic system can expose you to the many pathogens or disease causing organisms found in human waste. What is a septic system? With just a few simple steps, you can protect your septicand avoid costly repairs. Building remodel permits Thank you for your patience as we continue to update our new website. Many of these products can clog your plumbing and septic system. Some are simple, using only a tank and a drain field, and others are more complex, requiring pumps, filters, blowers, UV lights, or specially designed materials. Local Health Department Your local health agency can help you locate your septic system, provide a list of certified septic pumpers, and if available, certify you to do your own septic system inspections. Using a garbage disposal on a septic system is not recommended. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Get the latest on local COVID-19 trends, news and helpful resources from Chelan-Douglas Health District, weekly in your inbox. If at any time during the evaluation process you have questions, do not hesitate to call public health staff for assistance at (360) 416-1500 or e-mail Septic Applications, Forms & Resources Browse applications, forms, and resources for septic systems. Complete a septic application using the online permitting portal. (Not compatible with Internet Explorer.) A. Search for your record drawing using the following steps: Some common reasons that record drawings are not available online: If you do not find a record drawing, please send an email to Most household wastes, such as harsh chemicals, paints, and oils can be disposed of at your bensonhurst, brooklyn crime, why do pigs have more lung lobes than humans, data integration specialist superbadge challenge 8,

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